Common moving mistakes and how to avoid them

Nov 30, 2022 | Removals Services

A better moving experience starts here.


There are a couple of factors that are going on while you’re planning a move – including that, sometimes, even though it is exciting, moving to a new place can also be hard and stressful.

This can also end up setting off a chain of events and actions that make the move even more of a challenge to complete smoothly!


Common mistakes people make when moving

Avoiding common moving mistakes can mean the difference between a stressful and a successful moving day.

Since there is so much that needs to be done during the moving process, it can be easy to make little mistakes that make a big impact on your move.

To ensure your move goes off without a hitch, remember these 12 common moving mistakes and learn how you can avoid them:


  • Not researching movers and choosing the right company
  • Packing inefficiently
  • Not changing your address
  • Forgetting to set up utilities
  • Not packing that first-night essentials box (or two) together, and that you’ll need right away – for your kettle, coffee, soap, towel, and so on!
  • You DIY your move and trying to move yourself when, actually, you need more help from the professional packers and planners
  • You don’t give yourself enough time to pack and procrastinating
  • You don’t declutter as you pack, so that you don’t move with a whole lot of unwanted items
  • Not consolidating your home before moving day
  • Forgetting floor protection while you are moving items around, which scrape your floor
  • Not doing a pre-move survey
  • Ensuring the right access for the moving company, at both ends of the move


More packing mistakes to avoid

  • Packing prohibited items that a removals company won’t move
  • Loading very heavy items into cardboard boxes so that it’s near impossible to pick up
  • Packing breakable items without proper protection or special packaging
  • Packing stuff you no longer want or need – one of the most costly, and common, moving mistakes is overpacking for the move to your new home
  • Not labelling moving boxes and what is in them
  • Leaving pack to the last minute, if you choose to pack yourself (you can make it easier by engaging our packing services and we do it all for you!)


Why is moving so stressful?

Moving to a new location can be exhilarating for some people, but it can be overwhelming for others.

Emotional stress is a biggie. Moving to an unfamiliar area can make you feel anxious and insecure. You may also feel like you are not in control of your life and that everything is happening too quickly.

“Even if you are generally a pretty positive person, you may still feel intense stress before and during your next big move, and there are many reasons it can happen. You may feel anxiety over a new job, an unfamiliar location, and culture, or an unfamiliar home layout. And moving can be expensive. You will need money for a new apartment or home and cover the cost of moving into your new home. 

Even the process of moving can bring stress. Planning and packing take time away from much-needed relaxing time after work. At the same time, it is physically tiring. 

These issues can lead to mental and physical stress, but even though this may be a challenging time in your life, this time also opens doors to new aspects like new friends and opportunities. Remembering this while managing your stress will help you reach your next phase of life.”


Key first step to start the stress-free path to a successful move is to hire a reputable moving company

… Bennett’s Removals, of course!

You need to feel like you are being supported all the way through your move – in the key planning stages where the removals company plays an important part. If you hire us to pack for you, then this is all pre-arranged before moving day. And, of course, on moving day itself.


Ask the right questions and obtain a quote

One of the most common moving mistakes is not knowing the right questions to ask a moving company on the phone or during your estimate. There’s a lot of information to clarify with your moving company about services and the overall moving process that will help you prepare for your move.

In terms of quotes, there are a couple of options – we come to you and assess the quantity and task. Or, you can also send in a video of your items and location for us to quote from.


So, with some careful planning and forethought, you can avoid the most common moving mistakes and help to make your moving day hassle-free.


Pack and move with peace of mind and keep it one of your most exciting times in your life, as you start a new life in your new home.

Let us do the heavy lifting!


No two moves are the same!

We’re here to make your move from one place to another as stress-free as possible – with as many of our services as you need for your unique move.


Bennett’s Removals

Your South Yorkshire Removals & Storage Company

You’re right at home with people who know just what you need when moving house and home – and office too.

Full moving service to best suit your individual needs.

Making your move easier and stress-free.


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