Sheffield: City at the Heart of the UK

Sep 30, 2022 | Removals Services

There’s something for everyone in Sheffield.

This was also the case way back when – from the earliest findings of ancient people dating back to the ice age, to the origin of the present-day city of Sheffield.


City at the heart

Located at the heart of the UK, Sheffield brings a unique mix of vibrant city life, green spaces and friendly diversity.

Its sports and culture are world-renowned and the local scenery is second-to-none.

And it has been nominated the Friendliest City.




From Steel City to Modern Hub

As a South Yorkshire city, Sheffield continues to thrive as it has diversified from its early expansion in the Industrial Revolution. New economies and opportunities attract businesses and people to the area. A city on the move!



Town and country living

Property choices range from inner city apartments, urban residential, to country life. Sheffield is one of the UK’s greenest cities, with green spaces close to the city. Of course, the Peak District is just on the doorstep too.

University and vibrant cultural life

Student living and great educational institutions add to the great arts and culture of bustling Sheffield.



The origins of Sheffield

Like Rome, Sheffield is built on seven hills. And the name Sheffield derives from the River Sheaf. Together with the Old English word for forest clearing, feld – these words were put together in modern English to become Sheffield.

Today’s city location came from when an Anglo-Saxon settlement began in a clearing beside the confluence of the rivers Sheaf and Don.


Reasons to love Sheffield and call this city and surrounding areas home

Once known for its world-leading steel industry, Sheffield today is a city that has recovered from the fallout of industrial decline and is burgeoning once again. As with some of the other great northern cities — Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds — Sheffield is a city that has embraced its creativity, cultural heritage, and world-class universities to drive it towards exponential growth.


1. The city is diverse, affordable, and safe


2. Sheffield’s green spaces offer unlimited chances for relaxation and adventure – Sheffield may be called ‘The Steel City’, but it is also known as the ‘Green City’. With two million trees and 250 parks and green spaces, it’s one of the greenest cities in Europe.




3. It has a vibrant city centre and social scene

Sheffield is the fifth biggest city in England. So, wherever you’re living and whatever you want to do, there’s something for everyone in its urban neighbourhoods. The city is also home to some of the UK’s best bars and restaurants — particularly if you’re into your craft beer.


4. It has world-class universities – the University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Hallam University


5. Sport, exercise, and the great outdoors


6. Home to the oldest football club in the world and the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible, Sheffield loves sport. Sheffield is also home to two of the most famous football clubs in England — Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday. Neither of them currently play in the Premier League, but both clubs are steeped in rich history.


7. Music, culture and festivals

When it comes to culture, Sheffield is hard to beat. Whether it’s indie gigs, 80s pop nights or northern soul hangouts, there’s no better place for music than the city that brought you the legendary Arctic Monkeys. And there’s the Tramline festival too.


8. The Peak District

Sheffield is a great base for discovering new places and activities far and wide. On its doorstep you have the whole of the Peak District to explore. It’s not hard to see why Sheffield is called ‘The Outdoor City’.





9. Excellent for family life: Sheffield is an amazing place to move if you’re looking to balance affordable living costs with great schools and accessible transport. You have a choice of schools from 138 primary schools, 37 secondary schools and 12 special and alternative schools.




“One for the history books:

Sheffield has lots of interesting heritage sites which are well worth a visit. Attractions range from the Sheffield Cathedral and Manor Lodge, to the National Emergency Services Museum and Weston Park Museum – which features a pair of Sheffield native Michael Palin’s pants!) there’s something for everyone. 

If you head down to the famous Showroom Cinema you might even catch a screening of the Full Monty!”


Where to live in Sheffield

In the centre of Sheffield, housing is predominantly made up of flats, apartments and terraced housing. As you move out to the suburbs, semi-detached and detached housing takes over.
And just a short drive further and you’re out in picturesque rural countryside with equestrian and smallholding options, amongst characterful country homes.


Sheffield is a vibrant city and there’s something for everyone.

There’s Kelham Island, which was named as one of the top 10 coolest places to live in Britain – if you prefer city living and artisanal culture.






What people say about living in Sheffield and surrounding areas

“They are friendly people, down to earth, outdoor life, great for biking, climbing, running, walks, interesting views, I like hills, loads of industrial history, good healthcare, fairly central for national travel. Relatively affordable.”


“The hills: The hills paint a picture all around you. I love the people here too.”


The only Con we could find was someone saying: “There’s no sea!”


Sheffield is a fantastic place that has so much to offer residents, businesses, and newcomers.

Whichever way you go about it, moving to a new neighbourhood will be an exciting experience.



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