Relocating to Another Country – Timing, Storage & Shipping

Mar 31, 2023 | International Removals, Shipping

Are you one of the number of people looking to migrate to another country? We relocate people from the UK outbound, and back into the UK too.

A significant portion of our relocations and need for our moving services occur between Europe and the UK, but we also take care of customers who are undertaking long haul moves. This can be as far-flung as Australia and New Zealand too.

A big part of our international removals service includes worldwide shipping.


How many people are emigrating in a year, on average?

According to the Office of National Statistics, the provisional estimate of the number of people emigrating out of the UK long-term in the year ending June 2022 was approximately 560,000. This includes other nationalities as well as British nationals.

Taking all migration and emigration into account, the net figures show an increase of 260,000 inbound.


How long does it take to relocate from one country to the next?

The time it takes for someone to relocate from one country to another, get settled, and then call for their goods to be shipped (should they need to have a time delay between arriving themselves, and the arrival of their household goods) can vary depending on a number of factors.

This could be things like the destination country, mode of transportation, moving with children and attending new schools, house readiness, and customs clearance procedures.

However, there are some general guidelines and timelines to consider:

  • Visa and immigration process: The visa and immigration process can take several weeks or even months depending on the destination country’s regulations and the applicant’s qualifications. It is important to have all necessary documents and paperwork prepared in advance to avoid any delays.
  • Finding housing: Finding a suitable place to live in the destination country can take some time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. It may take a few weeks or even months to find the right housing option.
  • Settling in: Once you have arrived in the destination country, you may need to take some time to get acclimated and settled in. This can involve tasks such as opening a bank account, getting a local phone number, and setting up utilities.
  • Shipping timeline: Once you are ready to have your goods shipped, the timeline can vary depending on the mode of transportation and customs clearance procedures. Shipping by sea can take several weeks, while air freight can take a few days to a week.

Overall, it can take several weeks to several months for someone to relocate from one country to another, get settled, and then call for their goods to be shipped. It is important to plan ahead and allow sufficient time for each step in the process to avoid any unexpected delays or complications.


What about the need for storage as part of your move and shipping of your household goods to another country?

According to a survey conducted by a Moving and Storage Association, around 14% of people who move use storage facilities. This suggests that a significant number of people do choose to use storage facilities when they move home.

The use of storage facilities during a move can provide several benefits, such as providing a secure location to store belongings during the transition period, allowing for flexibility in moving timelines, and making it easier to organise and pack items before the move. The popularity of storage facilities for use during a move can vary depending on factors such as the size of the home being moved, the distance of the move, and personal preferences.

Making use of secure temporary storage facilities is even more essential when you are embarking on a long distance move.


What problems can occur when shipping household goods from one country to another?

When shipping household goods from one country to another, there are several problems that can occur. These include:

  • Customs clearance issues: Different countries have different customs clearance procedures, and navigating these can be challenging for individuals who are not familiar with them. Delays in customs clearance can result in additional fees and storage costs.
  • Damage to goods: Shipping household goods across long distances can be risky, and goods can become damaged or broken during transit if they are not properly packed and handled.
  • Transportation delays: Shipping delays can occur due to a range of factors such as weather, port congestion, and logistical issues. These delays can cause frustration and additional costs for individuals shipping their goods.
  • Regulatory compliance: There are various regulations and compliance requirements that must be met when shipping household goods across borders. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines or even the seizure of goods.


How can using an expert shipping company solve these issues?

Using an expert shipping company like Bennett’s Removals, part of a group with nearly fifty years’ experience, can help to solve these issues in several ways:

  • Customs clearance expertise: Expert experience navigating customs clearance procedures in various countries, and can help to avoid delays and additional costs.
  • Proper packing and handling: Expertise in packing and handling household goods for long-distance transportation, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Logistics management: We have the resources and expertise to manage the logistics of shipping household goods across borders, reducing the risk of transportation delays.
  • Regulatory compliance: We are familiar with the regulations and compliance requirements for shipping household goods across borders and can ensure that all requirements are met.


In summary, using an expert shipping company in Bennett’s can help to mitigate the risks and challenges associated with shipping household goods from one country to another. By leveraging expertise and resources, you can ensure that your goods are shipped safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant regulations.


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