Moving to Sheffield? There are many good reasons to live here

Dec 31, 2022 | Removals Services

Living in Sheffield, you may be pressured to pick a side when it comes to your favourite football team! But there is so much to life in this city that is regarded as the heart of the UK.

In the past few years, Sheffield has been in the top 10 favourite searches for prospective homebuyers looking to buy a new home, according to Rightmove.


The Great Outdoors

Also, a key theme amongst these homebuyers is the desire for greater space.

Sheffield is spread over seven hills, and is right on the doorstep of the Peak District. Vast outdoor spaces and a refreshing balance of city and nature areas is a big part of the attraction too.


North, it is!

Another topic of debate is whether Sheffield is a northern city, seeing as it’s in South Yorkshire! “Sheffield is most definitely in the North,” says one journalist who made the move to Sheffield. “Before anyone faints in horror, let me start by saying I’m a firm believer that Sheffield is in the North – but you do occasionally meet newcomers who think otherwise.

Specifically, visitors from Durham or Newcastle who call the city southern, or people from the midlands trying to convince Sheffielders they’re part of the same club.”


What about ongoing plans for Sheffield?

The Sheffield Development Framework is part of the City Council’s plan for Sheffield, and comprises of how:

  • the city will develop spatially
  • different land uses will be located
  • the environment will be protected and enhanced
  • areas and buildings will be designed
  • places in the city will be connected through the location of new development and provision of transport.

These are to help shape the city’s continuing evolution over a period that leads to 2026.


Sheffield’s industrial origins

Sheffield’s origins as a major city lay in the wide range of local natural resources for making iron and steel, for which the city achieved world renown.  As a result, heavy industry came to fill much of the three main valleys of the Don and Sheaf that converged on the old town centre.

Rail connections drew its Pennine-edge location into the national network.  Sheffield maintained its distinctive role as a steel city and centre of heavy manufacturing into the second half of the last century and steel and manufacturing continued to form an important part of the economy.


How this led to the expansion of Sheffield’s population and where to live

Early economic and population growth led to major physical expansion with densely built terraces close to workplaces in the valleys and less intensively developed, leafier, stone-built suburbs, mainly in the west.

The older parts of the city have strongly defined neighbourhoods, some of which focus on district centres, and Sheffield is sometimes known as a city of villages.  This structure contributes to the city’s distinctive character and sense of community.

New housing was supported by local services and facilities in district centres and the creation of extensive and attractive parks.  These continue to build on an important part of the city’s heritage.


Regeneration and new transformation plans for the city by the council

  • Implementation of the Objective One Integrated Development Programme and Sub-Regional Investment Plan has led to new investment and environmental improvements, as in the Heart of the City.
  • There is now a buoyant market for office space, with the growth of the administrative, financial and legal sectors in the City Centre.  Businesses in metallurgy, bioscience and other knowledge-based sectors, often linked to the universities, are expanding.
  • Major redevelopment and consolidation of the central shopping area is about to start in the New Retail Quarter.
  • City Centre living, led by student housing schemes but now including more upmarket demand, is resulting in many new apartments.  This is attracting demand for more services in the City Centre and providing an alternative use for industrial heritage buildings.


Sheffield’s broader neighbourhoods

Transformation is extending deeper into the neighbourhoods.  The Housing Market Renewal initiative is starting to raise demand and improve the wider environment in previously low-demand neighbourhoods.  Wider mixes of housing are occurring in areas of formerly monochrome Council housing.

Renewal initiatives are aiming to close the gap between the deprived and more affluent neighbourhoods by improving conditions in previously disadvantaged areas.


Green Designs and the global challenge of climate change

Arising in part from Sheffield’s green reputation based on its local environment, there are early initiatives to make a positive contribution to the global environment, for example, by promoting greener forms of design. And alternative transportation is encouraged.


The roads are like a maze

“There’s definitely a steep learning curve when it comes to driving in Sheffield. If the hill starts weren’t bad enough, Sheffield city centre is a maze of one-way streets, tram tracks and twisting side roads,” says an incomer.

But, if you decide navigating Sheffield by car is not for you, there’s always the tram. And around the city and environs, cycling is also encouraged – hills and all!


Objectives for Sheffield

There are key goals documented by the council’s plans for the greater city and surrounds of Sheffield.

Among those already mentioned, there are also objectives that include:

  • Opportunities for all
  • Promoting health and wellbeing for all
  • Connecting up the city
  • Efficient use of the transport network
  • Reducing the need to travel
  • Supporting sustainable transport
  • Sustainable design and development
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • A city that prizes its green environment
  • A city with character
  • Urban areas that look good and work well


Sheffield’s Culture

Since Sheffield is a culturally diverse city, you can find all kinds of entertainment venues to suit your interests! There’s no shortage of things for you to do or see, from theatre to art galleries, museums, cinemas, local events, and sports venues to music halls.

The food scene in Sheffield is also flourishing. From pubs and cafés to restaurants, there’s a good mix of cuisines from all around the world as well as British classics! If you are the type to enjoy a night out with friends, you can also find bars and clubs in Sheffield.


Sheffield’s People

“Sheffield is full of warm-hearted people. Wherever you go you will be greeted by a friendly smile, and you’ll always find someone willing to chat,” says a resident.

“Throughout its history, Sheffield and its people have been recognised as inventive, hardworking and entrepreneurial” is how it’s described by Made In Sheffield.

“Sheffield is a city of great opportunity, no matter if you live here, work here or invest here. People and businesses achieve.”


Sheffield is a fantastic place that has so much to offer residents, businesses, and newcomers.

Whichever way you go about it, moving to a new neighbourhood will be an exciting experience.



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