A Green City is a healthy city – the greening of Sheffield

Feb 28, 2023 | Removals Services

Green cities are not a luxury, they are a necessity for the survival of our planet – says Arnold Schwarzenegger. And we know that when he talks, we listen!

But it’s not only necessary as a way of survival, green cities are good for the soul and improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in them.


Is Sheffield called a Green City?


Sheffield has over 22.600 acres of green space, which occupy an outstanding 61% of the city.

It is estimated to contain more than 4.5 million trees, giving it more trees per person than any other city in Europe.

With over 250 public parks and 52 square miles of national park, Sheffield remains one of the greenest cities in the country.

Sheffield has plenty of parks, green spaces, and trees scattered throughout its urban areas.

The city is known for its unique mix of urban and rural landscapes, with the Peak District National Park located just to the west of the city.


What about its industrial heritage?


Steeped in industrial heritage, Sheffield may feel like an unlikely hub at the centre of a green sustainable revolution.

Once the steel-making capital of the world, famous for its cutlery trade, the city is now ranked the UK’s greenest city.

Besides its trees, parks, and woodlands, Sheffield is home to numerous renewable energy sites which generate hundreds of gigawatts per hour of electricity and is leading the way in the country’s green industrial revolution.

And ambitious and ground-breaking research from the University of Sheffield is also serving as a catalyst, helping the steel city to forge ahead with inventive solutions to the biggest environmental challenges.


What is the green city Strategy for Sheffield?


The Sheffield Green City Strategy aims to reduce the city’s impact on the climate by becoming a zero-carbon city by 2050.

The UK has already reduced emissions by around 44 per cent since 1990 and the net zero 2050 pledge is likely to lead to more investment and innovation in renewable energies.


Some examples of the work being done to make Sheffield a greener city include:


Improving public transport: Sheffield has invested in upgrading its public transportation infrastructure to encourage more people to use buses, trams, and trains. This includes the introduction of new electric buses and trams, as well as the expansion of the city’s cycling network.

Reducing carbon emissions: The city is committed to taking steps to reduce carbon emissions from buildings, transport, and industry. This includes retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency and promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Promoting sustainable living: Sheffield is working to raise awareness of sustainable living practices, such as reducing food waste, composting, and recycling. The city has also introduced initiatives to promote sustainable food production and reduce plastic waste.

Preserving green spaces: Sheffield is home to many green spaces, including parks, gardens, and nature reserves. The city is working to protect and enhance these spaces by planting more trees, improving habitats for wildlife, and promoting biodiversity.


Why is it so important to create green cities?


Creating green cities is important for several reasons:

  • Environmental sustainability: Green cities are designed to be environmentally sustainable, which means they minimize their impact on the natural world. By reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy sources, and improving waste management, green cities can help to mitigate the impacts of climate change and protect natural habitats and ecosystems.


  • Health and well-being: Green cities are also designed to promote the health and well-being of their inhabitants. By providing green spaces, such as parks, gardens, and nature reserves, green cities offer opportunities for physical exercise, relaxation, and stress relief. They also promote cleaner air and water, which can improve respiratory health and reduce the risk of diseases caused by pollution.


  • Economic benefits: Green cities can also provide economic benefits. For example, they can create jobs in green industries such as renewable energy, sustainable transport, and waste management. They can also attract businesses and investment by offering a high quality of life and a sustainable environment.


  • Social equity: Green cities can promote social equity by providing access to green spaces and sustainable transport for all residents, regardless of income or social status. This can help to reduce inequalities and improve the quality of life for disadvantaged communities.


Creating green cities is an important way to address environmental, social, and economic challenges and to create a more sustainable and liveable future for everyone.


Choosing a green city like Sheffield as your place to live


Sheffield certainly is a city on the move! From Steel City to modern hub. As a South Yorkshire city, Sheffield continues to thrive as it has diversified from its early expansion in the Industrial Revolution. New economies and opportunities attract businesses and people to the area.

Town and country living: Property choices range from inner city apartments, urban residential, to country life.

University and vibrant cultural life: Student living and great educational institutions add to the great arts and culture of bustling Sheffield.

In the past few years, Sheffield has been in the top 10 favourite searches for prospective homebuyers looking to buy a new home, according to Rightmove.


The Great Outdoors


Also, a key theme amongst these homebuyers is the desire for greater space.

Sheffield is spread over seven hills, and is right on the doorstep of the Peak District. Vast outdoor spaces and a refreshing balance of city and nature areas is a big part of the attraction too.


More great reasons to move to Sheffield can be found in our recent blog.


Relocating to Sheffield? Or within the area?


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